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I use this support to steady the lens when on robots or otherwise moving around a lot. I have been making extras which you can order from me via my PayPal. $125 USD. Includes worldwide shipping.

It’s a bit longer in the latest version

Hey there

Some background on my suggestion of the 15mm Arri lightweight 15mm standard


The lower cost solution is smallrig. I use ARRI but it is very expensive. If you need other help let me know.


Cinema cameras:

Choose the baseplate that is the correct height for your center of lens. Use the LWS INFO link above to choose the right height for your camera setup.


If you use a DSLR this may work for you as well. The plate is sideways.



My adapter holds the lens and at the bottom it connects via 3/8” screw to the support (above)

Let me know if this is clear. It’s better to email me, I don’t use Facebook that much.